Blade: The part of the seaweed that is most similar to the leaf of a land plant. Blades can come in many shapes — wide, narrow, long, short, ruffled, smooth, etc.

Holdfast: A root-like attachment to rocks or sand that anchors the seaweed in place. Holdfasts can be round and disc-shaped or branching. Unlike land plants, seaweeds gather their nutrients from the water that surrounds them, not from the soil. Holdfasts keep the seaweeds in place, but do not supply nutrients.

Intertidal: One of the tidal zones of a beach. This zone is the area between the highest high tide and the lowest low tide that is exposed sometimes.

Midrib: A thick line extending up the center of a seaweed blade.

Sporophyll: A special seaweed blade designed for seaweed reproduction.

Stipe: A stem-like structure usually connecting a seaweed holdfast to a seaweed blade. Seaweeds don’t have stems like land plants; instead they have stipes.

Subtidal: One of the tidal zones of a beach. This zone is below the lowest low tide and is always covered with water.

Small bladder-like compartment

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