Green String Lettuce

Enteromorpha linza

A Cluster of Green String Lettuce Surrounding a RockHolding Up Green String Lettuce and HoldfastGreen String Lettuce

Color: Green (Bright)
Shape: Irregular Blade
Texture: Smooth
Size: Up to 20”
Zone: Intertidal
Range: Alaska to Mexico

Description: This bright green seaweed is thin, long and narrow, and ruffly at the edges. The blades are around an inch wide and are attached at the base to a small holdfast. Prefers sheltered areas.

Edibility: Edible

Distinctive characteristics: Technically, this seaweed is a tube that has been flattened. You may be able to detect the tube at the base before it becomes a flat blade.

Collection notes: Be sure the area is free of pollutants.

Phylum: Chlorophyta (Green Algae)
Previous names: Ulva linza
Similar species: Enteromorpha intestinalis, Ulva (Sea Lettuce) species

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